Welcome to Apata

We are New Zealand owned and based, and our core business is based on providing quality post-harvest services to kiwifruit and avocado growers.


We provide packing and coolstorage services, and on-the-ground orchard support.


On the back of excellent results for our growers over several years, we have grown to become the fifth largest post-harvest operator in the kiwifruit industry, and are already the largest post-harvest operator in the avocado industry.

Our Vision

Grow shareholder value by helping our growers achieve the highest possible returns.


Our Mission

To offer our growers and marketers a range of innovative, cost competitive and value adding services.


Our Goals

1. Help our growers grow lots of high value fruit
2. Harvest our growers fruit at the optimum condition with utmost care and diligence
3. Pack for the best value, locking in quality and minimising waste
4. Support our marketers to achieve the highest possible returns

Media Release Wed 06Nov2013.


Special General Meetings were held yesterday for Apata and Aerocool shareholders respectively to vote on the merge of the companies.
Overwhelming support was shown at each meeting with 99.8% votes from Apata & 95.2% from Aerocool.

Managing Director Stuart Weston said “...the Boards of both companies are delighted with the support, and pleased that the benefits of a stronger company are obvious to our Growers and Shareholders. This has been an extraordinary process given the goodwill evident the whole way through, and we’re resolved to maintain our core values of Integrity, Performance and strong Grower relationships. We’re already well underway with planning for 2014 harvest and beyond, and see we’re a stronger company as a result of this merge.”

Eastpack made an 11th hour bid to Aerocool shareholders after an unsuccessful bid earlier this year. Aerocool declined the offer and proceeded with the merge with Apata.

Weston’s reaction:
”...this really was the cherry on the top for us – Eastpack’s attempt to derail the merge is a public declaration that they’re concerned about the competitive threat this larger company poses to them, as well they should be. Their doubt creating strategy was too little too late, and I really had expected more from them. In any event we enjoyed the theatre, and grateful for the additional coverage we’ve received as a result. I invite any Eastpack growers to come and see me if they’re at all interested in why competitors see us as such a threat”.

We are often asked why our results for growers are so consistently strong. Every link in our operation is geared towards ensuring the optimum outcome, and providing our growers and customers with the confidence they need to plan for the future.


Join the Apata Team of Growers and be the next link in our chain.


Phone 07 552 0911 to speak to our Kiwifruit and Avocado Grower Services Team.  

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